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  5. "Balığı yersin."

"Balığı yersin."

Translation:You eat the fish.

April 11, 2015



How should i know that i must put "you" and in the sentence there is no "sen" ?

June 11, 2017


Because the ending verb yersin,

March 16, 2018


Because of the suffix in yersin. -sin is for sen/you

March 24, 2018


Because the ending verb, Yersin = you

March 16, 2018


Also interests me. I assume the "ı" at the end of balığı transfers that meaning, but what would be the suffix for balık in case it means "I eat the fish"?

February 11, 2018


Ben balığı yerim. It's the ending of the verb that determines the subject of the sentence

January 23, 2019


Is there a rule or any particular rhyme or reason to when the article (Sen, Ben, O) etc is used or dropped.Technically this could be Sen Balığı yersin, correct?

April 11, 2015


As mentioned in earlier lessons, it's just as in Spanish — you use the pronouns for emphasis.

Baliği yersin = Comes la pescado = You eat the fish (without any emphasis anywhere).

Sen baliği yersin = Tú comes la pescado = You eat the fish (not the cat (for instance)) — There is an emphasis on the "You". Sort of like "It is you who eats the fish" (obvious not a literal translation).

July 4, 2015


Thank you I had the same problem. Only one thing: is "tu comes EL pescado.

September 13, 2017


How exactly do you pronounce this? Especially (The Fish) Balığı?

August 16, 2018


(apologies for lack of turkish characters)

Is there a significant difference in pronunciation such that "baligi yersin" and "bali yersin" - you eat the fish and you eat the honey - sound distinctly different?

And is "bali yersin" the correct construction for "you eat the honey"?


January 12, 2019


Thank you

January 28, 2018


I wrote "eat the fish" and it told me incorrect.

is there any difference between "eat the fish" and "you eat the fish"?

July 6, 2018


Yes, there is a difference and here you go

Balığı yersin = You eat the fish

Balığı ye! = Eat the fish.

November 14, 2018
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