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Broken decay/strengthen

I have needed to strengthen one of my skills, Demonstratives 3, everyday for the last 4-5 days.

Today I strengthened it twice so far and it still hasn't regilded.

April 11, 2015



If you haven't already tried to strengthen using the weight button, you should try to contact an administrator or email the Duolingo team. Tell me how it turns out


We are sorry that there is a difficulty in making the skill gold. We checked your word strength at Demonstratives 3 in French course, which is as follows:

  • ceux-ci: 1.000
  • celui-ci: 1.000
  • celle-ci: 0.998
  • celles-ci: 0.997
  • celui-là: 0.991
  • celle-là: 0.518
  • celles-là: 0.150
  • ceux-là: 0.006

In order to improve the system, it would be great if you could tell us about the following: Do you use web browser or mobile app? Do you do a lesson or practice? Do you observe the words "celles-là" and "ceux-là" in your lesson/practice?


I only see the various forms of "this one" none of the "that one", so ceux-ci but never ceux-la.

I used both the web browser and mobile app. I was doing the stengthen practice. When I re-did the lesson it regilded. So it would seem that it was simply incorrectly giving my perfectly strengthened words rather than the weak ones.


Thanks for the details, that helps a lot for fixing a possible issue!

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