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Skill refuses to strengthen despite multiple attempts with no mistakes

It's the first time I've encountered this. The lesson "Demonstratives 3" won't strengthen. On my first attempt I only received 7XP which implies the skill was already quite strong and had been reviewed recently. After 3 attempts without any mistakes it is still sitting on 4/5 strength bars. In my experience a skill with only 2 lessons should strengthen very easily.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

April 11, 2015



Hi LeIouch,

We are sorry to hear you have a difficulty in making the tree into gold. I checked your word strength at Demonstratives 3 in French course, which is as follows:

  • celui-ci: 1.000
  • ceux-ci: 1.000
  • celles-ci: 1.000
  • celle-ci: 0.998
  • celle-là: 0.732
  • celui-là: 0.580
  • ceux-là: 0.366
  • celles-là: 0.257

In order to improve the system, it would be great if you could tell us about the following: Do you use web browser or mobile app? Do you do a lesson or practice? Do you observe the words "celles-là" and "ceux-là" in your lesson/practice? Actually in your case, if you do one or two more practice, you may be able to turn the skill into gold.


I use a web browser (firefox), I practice the entire skill at once. Regarding the word strengths maybe the glitch is that it's only generating lessons with the first four words in it (celui-ci/ceux-ci/celles-ci/celle-ci).


Ok so I did Lesson 2 within the skill which includes the words ending with -là and the skill is strengthened now. I always practice entire skills at once so I suppose there is a glitch here in which the lessons aren't being generated properly to include all words within a skill.


This feedback will help us a lot! Thanks Lelouch!


No worries thanks for replying to me. I hope you can make us a Japanese course soon haha :P

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Hi Hideki, FYI This problem is still happening quite a lot.

Is there a way I can see my word strengths?


I'm having the same problem when learning Dutch, using the Duolingo Windows Phone app. It has started happening with different skills in the last week or so - I'll strengthen a skill going through with no errors, yet it makes no difference to the strength bar. Even strengthening 3 times does nothing, so it really seems like a software glitch to me.


How did you check his word strength? Did you use the "words" tab?


I think I'm having that problem and looking at the other discussions posted lately I think others are to.


I find that with the strength bar you can strengthen and weaken the skill. Every time you make a mistake that is factored into how much practice you will need to do. You can pass and receive points, but I find that the best way to really strengthen a skill is to redo the lessons. That will make the skill stay golden longer. If you use the strengthen skill, check how many problems you did. If it is more than 17, then there was at least an error and sometimes a lot of them. Strengthen skill is really great if you already know it all and can pass with no mistakes, but if you need to practice because you made errors the last time, then you might make more errors this time if you don't review.


Yep, I've had that problem. I found that if I kept strengthening the degilded skill over and over again with nothing in between, it would never regild, but if I strengthened it and then did some other skill and then came back to it, it would gild right up. I think one of them took a couple of extra cycles, but most of them did it right away when I completed the second pass.

You may have already tried working on other skills in between, but just in case you haven't, this has worked for me several times now (just a couple of days ago, most recently). I hope it works for you too!


I tried that then but it didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion.


I had the same. Easy from 3 to 4/5. Not to 5/5, because i had errors in the strenghtening exercices.

One time redoing the first lesson of demonstratives 3 and it was golded.

see also in this discussion:

allintolearning : better redoing a lesson then strenghtening a skill, when you are making errors in the strenghtening.


It's better to redo a single lesson if you are struggling with the content, yes, because there is much less word variance in a single lesson as opposed to an entire skill. However, I'm not struggling with the content, in fact I'm making zero errors. This therefore, is a big glitch. :)


There's clearly a breakdown in the program, and DL will have to fix this. If you read through recent posts, you find that many other people began experiencing this and similar issues in the past week.


I've been having that same problem. Also, I've done the skill multiple times on different devices (ipad, iphone, laptop) with not much success. I did one lesson and it said it was strengthened, gave me full bars, but didn't turn gold. Then looking at the tree, it's at the same level it was before practice. Is it good to practice these words again? Of course, but it's still frustrating.

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I have the same problem with Possessives 2 atm. The problem, in my case, seems to be that I keep getting the same sentences over and over again. All the words seems to have become weak at the same time. When strengthening the first time didn't bring me from 4/5 to 5/5, I guess the program thinks I still need the same words, even if they're not weak anymore, and therefore refuses to give me the other words I'm missing. A bit frustrating...


Something similar started happening to me last night, perhaps not exactly the same symptoms though. 1) In the app, I am unable to strengthen e.g. 'Time' and 'Family' 2) But just now on the web, it worked fine to strengthen those two I'll try on the app again later and see if the problem is now gone there.


Well, seems to work on the phone app again. I just strengthened 'Clothing' and it worked.


Hi lelouch I am not sure? it might be the computer has never done that to me before


Yup, same here. I just had to move on.


I had the same problem today with Food and Definites in Danish and with some other lessons in Italian some time ago. I use web browser and the problem appears while refreshing skills. So is this because not all of the words from said skills are "mastered"?


Yes. On Thursday, I was all caught up on strengthening. I missed Friday, then on Saturday, there were suddenly 16 units that need strengthening! I started working on them, but even tho' I completed the strengthening session multiple times, it still showing 4/5 strength. It must be a glitch in the software. Duolingo, can you fix this, please?

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