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double or nothing....

I've started the 'double or nothing'- bet yesterday... and it already said today i didn't make it, but of course i did some exercise yesterday. and today, i started again, paid the lingots, made two exercises, and still on the 'lingots'-page, it says i'm still at day 0, so I did nothing... lingots gone...

April 11, 2015



Don't forget that the day counter starts at zero so untill you meet your target for TODAY it will stay at zero. If the double or nothing wager is still grayed out then it is still in operation and valid, just do your exercises today and you should be fine.


you need to do the exercises to reach your daily goal for 7 days,

good luck, ^-^


I did my exercises yesterday AND today AFTER doing the bet. and now even another one, still grayed out... I did it a couple of times last month, without any problem... so there is a problem now...


Maybe you didn't reach your daily goal?

Here are a couple of lingots :-)


Did you do the exercises yesterday before you did the bet? Today don't forget to do them. and the week ends earlier, for me in California my Sunday afternoon is when the week ends and starts instead of midnight as it does for the daily end. Month and year ends are to watch as well.


The wager does not care when the week or the year ends. It simply counts 7 x 24 hour periods. Those distinctions are only for calculating your weekly, monthly and yearly XPs.


On Sunday I have to have my total done before it changes as the number changes to 0 in the afternoon. Trust me, I found out the hard way a long time ago. I agree that the distinction is for the purpose you say and that the wager should not care, but that didn't change my loss a long time ago. I don't know if that is an error of programming, but it does exist. My streak does not represent how long I have been on Duolingo at all.

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