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No German option for non-commercial translations?

I am wondering why it isn't possible to post something to be translated into German in the non-commercial section (Wikipedia etc.) I attempted to add a Wikipedia page that was only in English and only got the options to translate into Spanish, Portugese, Italian and French. Just because most Germans are more capable of speaking English than natives of the other languages here can, doesn't mean we shouldn't get German versions of English articles translated!

I'm wondering if this is the main reason the German Immersion section always looks so bare...

EDIT Sorry, I was being a bit of a derp. Of course it's not possible to translate an English site into German when there are no official ways on Duolingo to learn English from German! ><

sorry, though it was the other way around :/

September 10, 2013



I guess the main reason ist, that the Duolingo site isn't accesible in german, so there are not translation to german, only from. it is kind of a wild guess though


Duolingo doesn't offer courses for Germans, so it makes sense that this isn't on here.


I wonder why Duolingo doesn't offer courses for Germans though, because I am sure someone in Germany wants to learn english. Huh...


Probably because they had other priorities up to some months ago and that now they work on a way to let users add themselves new languages (so any language learned from any other languages)


Oh, that makes sense. Thank you! I suppose I wasn't thinking clearly.

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