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iPhone app problem?

Dobrý den. English speaker here. The course is fantastic - so thanks for that. However, the first word of the correct answer always starts with an uppercase letter. Is this correct, or a problem with DuoLingo, or a problem with only Angličtina z Češtiny?

This happens on all "drag and drop" questions, for both iPhone and iPad - see my link for a screenshot: http://imgur.com/m2KbuNY

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Well, it is, after all, the first letter of a sentence, so technically it is correct. It is like that in all of the courses. Kind of a dead give away to what word needs to be the first one. From a technical perspective there might not be any other way to do it. DL likely takes a sentence that has been entered as a sentence, thus with its first letter being capital, and chops it to individual words.

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