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  5. "Sandwiches are on the menu!"

"Sandwiches are on the menu!"

Translation:Tá ceapairí ar an mbiachlár!

April 11, 2015



oh, i see my problem now - i put "na ceapairí" which would be "the sandwiches" not just sandwiches. "tá ceapairí ar an mbiachlár" is indeed correct. mystery solved!


Keep on going. Bás nó bua!


Oh, that makes sense. I had the same problem.


Apparently, both bhiachláir (with an 'i') and mbiachlár are acceptable. Is this a dialect thing? I said "bhiachlár", and that was marked wrong. Thinking about it, bhiachláir sounds like a plural. Is it? Bit confused....


i wrote "ná ceapairí" and it said i was wrong but i can't remember quite why. can someone explain?


There should be no fada síneadh on na. Na = the (plural) Ná = than, nor, but, don't etc


oh i might've written it without the fada then, because i know duolingo just tells me i've made a typo if i screw up fadas. either way, can you explain why it is tá and not na? that's really what's most confusing me about this.


According to your post you wrote "Ná" and not the correct word "Na". Tá has nothing to do with this. I don't know where that came from.

  1. Na (with no fada over the letter a) ceapairí is correct. and
  2. Ná ( with a fada over the letter a) ceapairí is incorrect.

Your answer was wrong because it was number 2 and not number 1. Simples!


oh okay! problem solved then - it's duolingo's problem, since the translation they give is "tá ceapairí ar an mbiachlár". i'll report it, i just assumed it was my error because no one else had commented here with the same issue. thank you!!


Your answer was wrong because you used "na". Na means "the", and there was no "the" in the English sentence


You put Na with a fada over the a in Na as your answer. Na ceapairí = the sandwiches. Correct Irish but the wrong answer. Ceapairí = sandwiches. Ná = than, nor, but, don't

I believe that "Tá ceapairí ar an biachlár" is correct.


Na ceapairaí means the sandwiches so what you said was the sandwiches on the menu. Tá na ceapairí ar an means the sandwiches are on. Tá means someting is/are. Mar shampla(for example) tá mé ar an mbord = i am on the table


Whats up with the "m" infront biachlár?


The way I understand it, that's eclipses. It's what you have to do to a word that comes after certain thing, such as "ar an".


It's giving me Tá ceapairí ar an bhiachláir! as the correct solution, not what it says here. Must be wrong surely?


One year later and it is still saying your/my solution is incorrect in regard to "bhiachlár". Not sure how to report this?


What's the difference between "Tá ceapairí ar an bhiachlár" and "Tá ceapairí ar an mbiachlár"? Duo said both were acceptable.


In Ulster Irish they lenite after (simple preposition + an), whereas everyone else eclipses.


Dont see the need for the TA? It's not the sandwiches


Tá is a verb, not the definite article. 'Tá' in this sentence means 'are'.

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