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"Pigerne og drengene drikker vand."

Translation:The girls and the boys are drinking water.

April 11, 2015



Difficult pronunciation i must say!


I agree. Just need to practice everyday. Going to a language center also helps so much, there you can actually talk to native speakers.


How do you improve your danish if you don't have access to a language school? Also, can you become fluent by just using duolinguo?


I became able to have a full on conversation with someone in Spanish off of this app. If you want to learn slang, big words, or perfect grammar then no you can not. But simple conversation, yes.


Danish seems to have fewer tenses than English as 'the girls and the boys drink water' is actually different in meaning from 'the girls and the boys are drinking water' but in Danish it is the same. In this way, English seems to be a richer, more expressive language and Danish is simpler.


Following your logic, Spanish is a richer and more expressive language than English because it has way more tenses than English, and Portuguese even more.


Such difficult spelling...


Is er the standard way to pluralise something? And then the ne results from use of the definite article with common nouns?


Yes to both questions. Well, many but not all words take -er in plural, -e is also common.

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