Wish there was an "add to flashcards" option for vocab we are having trouble with. That way, we could review those words later instead of going through the long list of vocab on the vocab tab.

Thank you again for such a fun and useful language program!

September 10, 2013


There are a few sites that allow one to create flash cards online. Also actual flash cards and a pencil. ;)

I don't think Duolingo should implement this, as there are so many great ways to create flashcards already. You could try Memrise or Anki.

Those are fine, but they exist outside the framework of the duolingo software. Ergo, one has to write the suject word down, log out of duolingo, and then transer the word to another program.

Agree...not only does not doing this free up Duolingo people to make other strides, but those that go make cards on their own are better off... a huge part of effectively learning with flashcards is making them yourself. And if you really don't want to make them yourself, you can just download other people's sets (Duolingo-related or others) on Anki. I haven't tried Memrise, but I like how much you can change and control using Anki.

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