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Danish summer school

God dag! I would like to recommend you something for summer :) It's summer school placed in Horsens, quite close to Aarhus, it's for good money and it's total fun... learning there is also very nice :)

VIA university and college

350€ for three weeks, including tuition fee and accomodation only for EU people though, for non-EU it's quite more expensive

regular day at Horsens summer school

  • 9:00 wake up and go to school late because of beer last night

  • 12:00 eat some luxury food from their cafeterie

  • 14:00 finish school and go to sleep, or take a short swim in sea, go for a bike trip, try to pick up some danish girls, go to museum, go to forest, drink some coffee or whatever guys :)

  • 17:00 start preparing for night, go for some beers (0.5 usd for one) usualy five beers, sometimes buy even some chicken and get ready for everyday BBQ. If you have something to do (homework), rather do it! ;)

  • 20:00 party started

  • 4:00 party is over, go to sleep

Further information

Video describing life there

be free to ask me about it :) I've been there already, i am going again this year!! I am one of the minority which stayed up for every night, so those of you who are not fans of night drinking, dont be afraid, I am sure you will find your friends :)

April 11, 2015



Uh, they write on the site that I have to be 18 in July 1st, just before 1st term starts (it's still over 1 year for me). I'll be 18 in July 15th, so I have no chance to take the summer school? That sucks a lot, born 15 days too late.


man, try to ask them :) last year i sent application like 1 month after application deadline and it was okay :) but I chose quite not popular course so I get there was still place for me ;D they are very nice..

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