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"The woman is on the television."

Translation:Tá an bhean ar an teilifís.

April 11, 2015



So does this mean "on" as in she's sitting on it or "on" as in she's participating in the program that's being aired?


I guess it could be either, depending on context. However, it's generally assumed that it's the latter.


So the television is in the fridge.


I thought 'ar' eclipsed - am I just out of practice?


i thought this too... teanglann also confirms that "ar an" should eclipse.


The teanglann.ie entry for an says:

When preceded by prepositions ag, ar, faoi, le, ó, roimh, thar, trí, um eclipses (b, c, f, g, p) or lenites (b, c, f, g, m, p)

"t" isn't in (b, c, f, g, p), therefore teilifís isn't eclipsed after ar an. Neither are words that begin with d.

Note that it would be ar an dteilifís in Munster Irish, but in Ulster Irish, where they lenite instead of eclipsing, teilifís wouldn't be lenited because of DeNTaLS-DoTS.


Thank you - so to clarify, in Munster, it would be said "Tá an bhean ar an dteilifís." and in Ulster or Connacht it would be "Tá an bhean ar an teilifís." ?


In Munster Irish they say Tá an bhean ar an dteilifís. and in an Caighdeán, Ulster Irish and Connacht Irish they say Tá an bhean ar an teilifís.

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