What textbooks and tools are you using in the classroom?

We're interested in hearing what tools and textbooks you use as an educator in the classroom. Share what you like and don't like about the resources you use in the comments below. What needs to be better to make your classroom and teaching experience even better?

And here's my AP Spanish class book that I've kept on my bookshelf after all these years ;)

4/11/2015, 3:25:26 PM


I use Relidades by Prentice Hall... Hope this helps!!

4/13/2015, 3:57:12 AM

Also has a workbook...

4/13/2015, 3:57:28 AM

So do I

10/17/2015, 3:27:56 PM

I use the ESL library's material, It's great, because you can change the pace of the classes whenever the students work hard on their own, so thing can go on their own pace.

4/12/2015, 3:47:40 PM

Hi SilasCouto - what grades do you teach?

4/13/2015, 1:25:26 AM

I don't teach in regular schools. I just form my own private groups.

4/13/2015, 12:17:03 PM

I teach many levels of Spanish from pre-K up to high school Spanish 2. I pull ideas from the Sonrisas curriculum for K-4th grade. I occasionally use Visual Links for 5th/6th grade. For the 5th-9th grade students I combine lessons from Realidades 1 and 2 (Prentice Hall) with materials on (Everyone loves Senor Wooly!) Realidades is a good curriculum guide, but gets pretty boring and students don't make authentic connections with the material. It's not very relevant to their interests. The biggest challenge I find is getting engaging material. It's hard to get English speaking kids to "stay in the target language" when the material is not very interesting. Duolingo and Senor Wooly are the two best learning tools I've found. MUCHAS GRACIAS

4/20/2015, 2:56:31 PM
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Hi!, I teach English as a second language, where I work we use a series of books for Spanish-speaking people who study English, and I also use Edmodo. This is a google books link (for the first book of the series), no cover though :(

4/14/2015, 2:03:07 AM

The past three years I've developed my own worksheets or pulled from various sources but the next year, I will be using Descubre for Spanish 1 & 2.

4/22/2015, 3:07:42 PM
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