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Limits for uploading immersion texts?! and other suggestions

In the past few weeks I uploaded a few Wikipedia texts that have disappeared without a trace! Does that have to do with the total number of texts I uploaded (which is five) or the fact that none of them were fully translated?! P.S: It is interesting to translate a Wikipedia page about 'thermodynamique' but it is very boring to translate it entirely. Suggestion: Allow uploading parts of texts Plus Making a space for creative writing in the different languages where people can correct each other would be interesting. Language is invention after all.

September 10, 2013



I don't think there's a limit on immersion uploads. From the immersion tab, click on "my uploads" and see if the articles are still listed there. Depending on how you have your settings, you might not see the articles any longer if they have been fully translated-- that might be why it seems like they disappeared.

As for creative writing being checked and corrected, may I suggest lang-8.com? It's a great site and it's all about practicing writing and having native speakers correct you, while you do the same for people learning your native language.


I like the idea about writing text in a language and having it corrected. There's something similar on another language tool called bushuu where you are given some pictures and have to write a sentence or two about them this is then checked by people who speak the language and you earn berries for correcting the sentences of people learning your language. I think this would be a good idea on Duolingo except they could use Lingots instead of bushuu berries.


Lately I've not been seeing my newest uploads at all in "my uploads" but I have noticed them in the other tabs so I know they're still there - they just don't show who uploaded them. I have been uploading a lot of documents (at least 5 a week) so I wonder if I've just been doing it too much. I have noticed a few other articles that don't have the name of the uploader on them. Does anyone know what is happening here? Is there a limit?

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