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"Finns det svenskt kaffe hotellet?"

Translation:Is there Swedish coffee at the hotel?

April 11, 2015



Is this a particular preparation style of coffee?

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No, this is a quote from a classic Swedish movie called "Sällskapsresan".



My farmor who emigrated to the US from Sweden when she was 19 made what she called Swedish coffee on the wood burning stove in her stuga "up at the lake". She mixed an egg in the coffee grounds that boiled right in the water. She would add a dash of cold water to settle the grounds. Dad loved it and even my mother thought it was extra tasty even if you did have to dodge stray grounds nearer the bottom of the pot. ;-)


I mixed up thr meaning of kaffe with the English word café.


You mean the French word café :p


How do you know when finns det is there is or is there is it based on ? And tone?


If I'm understanding your question correctly, Det finns... means "there is/are." Finns det is an inverted form, which would be found in questions and a few other places.


When does use of the definite from imply that it is the speaker's thing, and when is it just a normal definite?


no coffee is grown in sweden, but there are coffee roasters, e.g., Zoegas in Helsingborg, some of whom care even about the characteristics of the water that will be used in brewing. Swedes drink a lot of very dark coffee, which resembles neither the traditional weak brown US brew or the bitter brew sold by the global coffee chains, e.g., Starbucks, which over roast. so yes, swedish coffee is a thing. There is "american coffee" in central america, where gourmet coffee is grown and cognoscenti get sniffy about what the rest of the world does with their coffee beans.


I grew up knowing Swedish coffee as the way my Swedish grandmother mixing and egg into the coffee grounds before pouring in the water and putting the big enamelware coffee pot on the wood burning stove when we were up at her cabin in north central Minnesota. It probably was a way to keep the grounds out of the coffee cups as there was no basket at the top for the boiling hot water to pour through. The egg probably improved the taste of the coffee as it often was taken to a boil before the adults drank it.


This is a reference to the film "Sällskapsresan eller Finns det svenskt kaffe på grisfesten?"


Swedish coffee is very tasty

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