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You Practiced All Your Words! AGAIN

Yet again I logon and I cannot do a practice session without doing another lesson... I need to practice more to get the words to stick, Your algorithm for long term memory of words clearly is too quick to presume... Please sort it out, 2 weeks ago I'd of recommended this site to anyone, now, I'm not so sure...

December 20, 2012



I believe this site has it worked quite well. (excluding the occasional word you have never encounter before in practice.) Are you practicing at least 30 minutes to an hour a day? and if so what time of day do you practice? I suggest either early after breakfast or at night before bed. There is also the possibility that your best method of learning doesn't suit well with Duolingo. Remember everyone learns differently.


Put simply... I just want to be able to practice as often as I choose. At the moment I'm constantly met with the issue of having to start another lesson before I can, when all I want to do is practice what I've already learned without going into each area... I don't think its an unreasonable request, and a way I would imagine a lot of people would choose to learn


I have always been able to go back to lessons for practice. I just finished posting in Discussion on Adverbs. DL says I have mastered that section. I don't feel that I have. And, as I have done on Verbs Pres and several other sections, I have repeated lessons, but I noticed something. Because I have been exposed to higher levels, it seems that I see higher level material presented in those lower level lessons. One other thing I notice: It seems that Real World Translations work is getting to be less of a struggle to make sense of the content. But, if you look at my lesson scores(hearts), there are many with zero, one, or two hearts. That is why I have been going back.


It all depends on your definition of "mastery"... obviously none of us will have truly "mastered" any of these units until we have achieved fluency in the language. That is something that will take time and practice. They are giving you a status called "mastery" to simply indicate that you have successfully gone through the material in the section. Just going over and over the same material without progressing further will not lead you to true mastery. Language development is a very whole process - you have to attack this task from many directions and allow time and exposure to the language to take root in you. Lots of pieces have to come together. So by all means keep practicing the mastered sections, but also take the leap and go on to the next ones as well.

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