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Learning Danish and Swedish at the same time?

How many of you are learning Danish and Swedish at the same times? Any confusions for you with words and grammar? I am currently doing so, and am very much looking forward to the Norwegian course. So far I do not find it confusing at all; in fact knowing some German has made them a bit easier. Just curious to hear thoughts on this...:-)

April 11, 2015



I decided Danish over Swedish, but when I complete the Danish course, I will start the Swedish course. I prefer to do first one, and later the other. I think order is the basis

[deactivated user]

    I recently started learning Danish, and I have completed the Swedish tree since February (I think). So far I'm not confused, only in some words that are -et in Danish and -en in Swedish and vice versa, and in some plural suffixes that differ in Swedish and Danish. However, I think it would be better if you start learning one language only after you have a good grip of the other, when those are similar.


    I'm learning Swedish primarily, but I started a little Danish on the side. I'm so new to Danish, but so far I have not had any confusions. I'm looking forward to Norwegian, the so-called "bridge" between the Scandinavian languages :)


    I'm studying both too. I did complete my Swedish tree before starting Danish, so by the time I started Danish I had a fairly good foundation in Swedish basics, and I think that helped me learn Danish faster (in terms of reading comprehension, not pronunciation). So far no confusions between the two, and the fact that the spelling of many words is similar but not identical helps me to remember their differences better. I'm also excited to add Norwegian to the mix! :)


    I would think that it will get confusing once you get a bit further. I tried to do Dutch while I was still at a low level in German and I got the spellings confused. Once my German was firmly fixed in my mind Dutch was no problem. I am doing Danish now having done Swedish and there is no problem. But learning them at the same level would mean learning two very similiar words at the same time which could get muddled. I would get well ahead with one of them. Danish is flying by for me.


    Thanks much for your feedbacks & your experiences on learning Danish & Swedish. I can definitely see where confusions can come up. For me, reading and writing is no problem. My two native languages are very similar. However, had a Skype conversation with my secondary school friend (from Sweden) to practice my very basic skills/pronounciation and had studied both earlier in the day. So there is indeed the confusion many of you were speaking of! :-) To make long story short, found myself saying "jeg" instead of "jag" and "ikke" instead of "inte" for example. Very amusing to him, and it was all in fun but as I am learning these from the beginning and not picking it up as a small child from my parents, think I will focus more on one till I have a higher level, perhaps. Cheers!


    I've gotten confused before when tackling similar languages at the same level simultaneously, would recommend staggering them. But if you have not run into this so far, you mind may be better at avoiding language acquisition cross-interference (I'm jealous!).


    I would start out with one, complete the tree. And then gradually introduce the other.


    Oh and since I have too many lingots, one for alls of you! :) (My apologies for my not too good English)!


    Thank you! A lingot for you too!!


    I did Swedish before Danish, but I'm still solidifying my Swedish, and right now the biggest frustration I'm hitting is that I'll forget which language I'm typing in and spell something the wrong way! I'm constantly typing jag in Danish (instead of jeg) and er in Swedish (instead of är). Luckily, Danish accepts jag as a typo, but Swedish counts er as wrong.


    Late reply, but Swedish counts "er" as wrong because "er" is a word in Swedish.


    I am doing both at the same time and most of the time I do not mix them up. I study one after I take a long break. I think because of the orthographic differences they are easy to keep apart. When they have Norwegian I will do that one also.

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