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"Ele quer diminuir a área do parque."

Translation:He wants to reduce the area of the park.

September 10, 2013



Why "he wants to reduce the park area" is not valid? The park area and the area of the park is the same thing, right?


Yes both are possible. The area of the park is a better style, but the real meaning is the size of the park, which should be accepted.


How is "lessen" the area wrong?


Polthof, it is wrong because it is very unlikely that any native English speaker would say "He wants to lessen the area of the park", we would know what you mean, but it sounds strange. I put "he wants to reduce the size of the park" and it was accepted.


do you hear any separation between 'diminuir a area'? I hear one continuous 'a' sorta like diminuraArea pushed together. Which would make sense as it happens in eng all the time too.


"Dimimuir" looks similar to "diminish".


Please don't introduce a new word -diminuir in this case- by audio. I need to see it before I'm able to hear it.


If "do parque" is of the park, what is "parking area"?


"parking area" = estacionamento (for cars)


Or "área de estacionamento".


I don't understand how to eliminate means to reduce. Seems like to reduce means to diminish or to eliminate is the total elimination. Please help please.


2020 I put the sentence that I think I would be most likely to use in English (I am an Eu English native speaker) " he wants to reduce the size of the park", and it was accepted.

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