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When are the Lingots Coming?

Duo, When are you going to release Lingots for all? 75% of us (more or less) are highly anticipating the arrival. What date or week will you release it for everybody?

September 10, 2013



I can't promise, but we hope to have them out this week :)


I would love to know too!!! I am excited for the day the show up on my screen! :D


What are lingots?


I want lingots so badly. My dad already has them and he is bragging


Different for me. My Mom has them... and she doesn't bother.


Could someone explain what lingots are?


What is a lingot? A lingot [ling-guht] is the Duolingo virtual currency. The more you learn on Duolingo, the more lingots you'll receive and be able to use in the store! They can be earned through:

<pre>Leveling up Earn 1 lingot (multiplied by level reached) Finishing a skill Earn 2 lingots for finishing a new skill Full hearts Earn 1 lingot for finishing a lesson with full hearts 10 day streaks Earn 1 lingot for every 10 days on a streak (1 for 10, 2 for 20, etc) Inviting friends Invite a friend to Duolingo and, if your friend accepts, you both will receive 1 lingot </pre>

Note: Lingots are not awarded for leveling up or finishing skills while using a tree shortcut.

This is from the store on your home page.


i don't see how Lingots will help me learn a language better... "hey, you don't have to practice the hard stuff anymore... just earn points redoing the earlier lessons, and use those Lingots to purchase your way through the harder ones"


I don't think it buys you through anything. You still have to continue through the lessons. If anything, it's a good incentive to go back and study the things you've already learned. I think one of the major problems with duolingo is that you can just keep trudging through the lessons without really learning anything, since there aren't any unit tests to take.


Since it's in testing I doubt they can tell you an exact date - or even if it will be released at all.


How come I don't have any notice about the Lingots?..


Tony, only 25% of users have them now since DuoLingo was testing the program. It's been successful, so they plan to roll them out for everyone soon.


I have 34 lingots and don't know how to use them when I need one. Anyone out there that can help me? I was down to the last question I missed one letter and had to restart.


I'm passing this by word of mouth: At the top of the skill tree there is a "stream" button. press the button to the right of it is "Store". You press it and you find your heart refill at it.


QUIERO LOS LINGOTS GIBT MIR DIE LINGOTS JE DOIS L'UTILISER POUR "Streak Freeze" stuff or something Please. Let me in the trial-updates-people.


Are you able to see how many Lingots other people have when you have them? I've been wondering for a while. I can't wait to get them :)


The only way (As far as I know) to see them is to log out, then go to someones profile. It will show the number of Lingots.

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