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  5. "God natt och hej då!"

"God natt och hej då!"

Translation:Good night and goodbye!

April 11, 2015



I said it correctly three times and it only counted och. Thanks app


Exactly the same problem for me


The same thing happened to me


Same here... I couldn't passed it many times and then I tried to say 'god morgon och hej då' just for fun. For some reason it worked with all words except 'natt'


Thanks. I couldn't pass this sentence a dozen times... So I said something wrong, and it accepted it.


Same here and I cannot go ahead


Aaand I tried it again, it works! Why?


Thank you for that, I had been stuck for 2 minutes on it


Oh thanks!! It worked for me too!


I repeated exactly what it said 9 times on an error.... and still only get god and och


Same to me. I saidmaybe six-seven times, and it counted only "god" and "och"


Exactly... two words were okay. But the rest everytime wrong


Is the 'd' of God pronounced when used in a sentence? I could hardly make it out!


It's most often silent in "God natt", but pronounced otherwise.


Tac så mycket. Ir do you want a coffee with milk in sweden: hej: En kaffe med mjolk tack. Okej.


I said it correctly 10 times and had my fluent wife say it as well, to no avail.


«God» is good.


I'm having trouble remembering that 'hej då' means goodbye. Does anyone have any tricks they'd like to share as to how they remember this? Are there other uses of 'hej då' that could clear it up for me? Thanks! ^^"


You could try using "Adjö" as goodbye. It's easy to associate it with the Spanish "adios" or the Italian "Addio".


Interesting, thanks!


But 'adjö' is mostly used formally. 'hejdå' is just normally used.

[deactivated user]

    How would you pronounce it in Swedish? "Ad-ee-yu"?


    I bet you read it in some weird way - ah-joh or alike


    I always think hey då sounds like "hey there", which is the exact opposite of goodbye :D works perfect for me


    It only register god and och... i think my australian accent is making it more difficult


    Native Swedish speaker here, when this comes up my son can't get it right and when I do it for him, I'm wrong too!! I even recorded the app and played back and got it wrong... This needs to be fixed. It is not working!!


    Every time, it does not register the saying.


    Said it 3 times correctly and rejected me all 3 times.


    I saud it twenty times, but it didn't accept it


    I keeps saying i get 'natt' and 'hej då' wrong when in this combination yet in other combinations it accepts how I say these words.


    Said it correctly numerous times and only accepted "och"


    It says i didnt pronounce natt, hej and då over and over again even though im not


    We tried this like 20 times now... Frustrating. "God" and "och" are accepted.. natt and hej då always refused. D:


    Ive said it corrwctly each time and its only catching god and och...


    Can you please fix that? It is very frustrating!


    Can anyone please solve this problem? Or at least remove this task from the lesson please?


    Im confident im pronouncing this correctly. Even whilst seperating the words its incorrect. I can prounce each word correctly in any other circumstance


    Wow, I continue to mess up "natt" and "hey då". I don't know how my pronunciation is wrong.


    Why does "good night and see you later" not work?


    Because you tried to use something other than goodbye when hej da doesn't really translate well to "see you later"


    Why won't farewell work instead of "bye bye"


    Farewell is formal or old-fashioned, while hej då is everyday and unremarkable. Adjö might be a better translation of what you said


    I think "hej då" doesn't really mean "goodbye" but it's more like "hello" like "hello for awhile" as far as I remember it right from my teacher. Are you all saying that was ok? Swedish students or swedish people here?


    This seems to this American English speaker a strange thing to say. We would just say "good night" if, for example, we were in a hotel or our home and going to bed. We would say "goodbye" if we were for example leaving a restaurant/place of business. Can a native Swede give me an example of when you would say both together? Tack så mycket! George


    This app just won't get hejdå


    Because of a space it counted it wrong


    "god natt och hej dåa" not a typo, okay then


    swedish o and regular o should be the same


    It would be helpful if the mix turned off when you tapped the button again. I get background noise causing errors


    I found my study book from 1981 or so. It has Adjo for goodbye. I am wondering whether hej da derived from adjo, and observe that adjo is remarkbly similar to adieu.


    Yes, me too. Seems to be a bug


    I keep saying it and it says I'm wrong the same words


    I know that I said this correctly!


    Sooo many people with the same problem!


    The audio is somewhat misled. My pronunciation is correct.


    This one is always wrong.


    Exactly the same problem for me


    I've never had trouble with pronunciation exercises, but I've tried this about fifteen times and it keeps marking it wrong. :(


    FINALLY got it to work after doing it super-slow and overemphasizing every consonant in a way that no other speaking exercise has ever required. Y'all need to get rid of this one.


    Same problem for me


    I am trying more then million time uuuuuuuh:(((


    I have same problem


    it is not working! same issue here multiple tries


    How can we? If you think there is something that needs to be fixed, then we (your fellow-participants using the course) can do nothing, and it is fellow course users you are addressing when you send a message to a discussion forum. You need to click on the "Report" button. not the Discussion button.


    Well, I can't speak for anyone else here, but I reported it twice, over a week ago. I suspect many of those posting here have done the same and are using the community space as a place to share our frustration.


    Yes, I do understand your frustration, but remember that most, if not all, of the folk who are responsible for maintaining the course a volunteers. They do eventually get round to evaluating, and where necessary, acting on our reports, but it can take months.


    I get that, but also understand that if there's a problem with a text entry question, i can copy whatever Duolingo wants me to do to get through it. But with this one, it's nearly impossible to pass it and i nearly had to quit out of the lesson and lose credit for every other question which i did correctly.

    On a system like Duolingo which awards points for lessons and uses your streak for motivation this is terribly frustrating.


    Not to mention the insane pressure of late to sign up for Plus. If they expect us to fork out our dough, they should fix bugs quicker than this.


    ...you just told me to click on the "report" button and now you're saying that clicking on the report button essentially accomplishes nothing (seeing as this problem has already been reported and has been going on, judging from the comments, for at least two years). I doubt that continuing to pile on the error reports is going to make anyone get to it any faster.


    I did report it, but it's also useful to click on discussion and see I'm not the only one.

    It's very, very broken. I've completed the swedish course already and redo lessons for practice, so i know how bad my pronunciation isn't. And yet, it took me fifteen attempts to finally get through this particular question (finally, it accepted "God natt och" but never once recognized "hej då"), and if i hadn't been able to get through, none of the other questions in the lesson would have counted.

    It is VERY frustrating.


    The recordng on this is not working properly. I took 4 years swedish and know i am saying it correctly. Will not recognize natt, hej då.


    Repeatedly rejected my pronunciation of hej då no matter how many times I said it.


    Same for me. It's not working with this sentencce


    The answer does not recogbized


    Sorry, I don't know what that means. Did you mean that your answer was counted as wrong? If so, you need to tell us exactly what you put.


    Not the OP, but as most comments here make clear, presumably what's not being recognised is a speaking item, so unless there's a way to record one's response and upload the audio to this forum, it's not going to be easy to tell you exactly what they put.


    Something most be wrong in this sentence I pronunce it over and over again and keep getting the same answers and the worst part of it is my wife pronunce it three times and get the same answers and she is a Swedish girl and a teacher.


    I tried 10 times...natt, hej då, still not correct, asked my husband, he is Swedish he also failed....i give up



    I say it right. My husband is swedish and the app says he would say it wrong? Strange


    It is broken. My pronounciation is correct but it ia not accepted.


    Someone please tell me the correct answer.


    Goodnight and goodbye.


    The same with me....perfect app


    All of these "hejdå" sound wrong. They sound like hyphenations of "hej" and "då"; hyphened into one word. Which it is! But that messes up the intonation. In reality, the emphasis is put on "då" and not on "hej". There is no rise in pitch on the "hej". Reported this.


    "Goodnight" is usually one word (except in a sentence like, "the friends enjoyed a good night together). However, Duolingo tells me that I have missed a space, and should have typed "Good night".


    It helped me when I said it very slowly


    Got rejected many times. Finally stressed every sound in a ridiculously strong way and it was accepted


    I'll have to try that. Funny thing is, a couple weeks ago I was trying out a different language app and got as far as the "greetings" lesson when the speaking exercises started giving me trouble because if the original sentence had punctuation, it wouldn't count it as correct unless you also said the punctuation, in Swedish, quickly and emphatically so that it'd pick it up. I ended up having to scream "trevligt att träffas PUNKT!!!!" to get it to work. So this will be continuing the theme of yelling polite Swedish sentences aggressively into my phone.


    Haha exactly! You need to put all your frustration to work. Fingers crossed we won't offend a swedish person in the future trying to say goodbye.


    It seems it should be pronounced slowly and perfectly clearly...


    Series I am saying millon times but its still not working


    İt just doesn't want to accept my answer even though i say it correctly.


    tried 10 times - but it only accept "god" and "och"... :(


    Same for me and I can't move on without loosing the achieved points from that lesson.


    I am saying it correctly, but does not acknowledge it


    Doesn't let me out in this case, as already practiced several times before


    Definitely a bug. I'm doing this as revision, can definitely pronounce 'natt' by now, but not recognised at all


    The only way i could finish the revision session was by clicking 'can't do speaking exercises now'. Otherwise it just kept asking me to say it, and not accepting 'natt'


    I said it three times and it was marked only two words God and och. I can speak correctly that simple words, because I use Swedish several years


    Oh god it's annoying. I couldn't pass it. I've tried for many times with the right spell. Why only this sentence has trouble?


    It is annoying, i've tried to say for many times correctly. But why it still not pass it?


    Wow... it only took a dozen tries saying it correctly the exact same way


    Something most be wrong on this sentence I pronunce it over and over again it keep telling me wrong the worst part of it; my wife pronunce it three times and get the same answers and she is a swedish girl and a teacher also. So something most be wrong here do something. Thanks Samuel.


    You are addressing fellow users of the course when you post on these discussions, and we cannot do anything. Use the "Report" button.


    This seems to have been a problem for years, is there anyway to get it fixed? I've used the report function a dozen times for weeks now....I'm happy to make the change myself if needed...


    Would you use this phrase when you are going to see the addressee the next day, or only if there will be a long break, such as a holiday, or complete break of association such as a quarrel?


    Probably when visiting or being visited by someone leaving at the end of a long evening.


    I can't get it to understand me and it's the last one for completing the lesson.


    I would honestly suggest turning speech recognition off. It's not very reliable for Swedish.


    I was unable to pronounce it correctly


    Please, make bigger pause after every word while spealing to pass.


    I tried many times this is broken

    [deactivated user]

      Glad to see I'm not the only one who can't pass this sentence. I started to doubt myself and got really frustrated. As described by so many, natt and hej då won't get accepted, no matter how clearly I pronounce them. Repoted it as faulty.


      Had a native Swede try and couldnt get it right. Pretty sure this question is broken.


      But let's try this again


      Hi, I've been having the exact same issue, it's really annoying


      This phrase basically became my nemesis...


      Said it a million times, not working


      Same here natt, hej då just don't register. I even asked my Swedish freind and they said i was saying correctly.


      This is not getting recognized properly.


      I've said it one million times at this stage


      I could only get it to work if I pronounced it as Englishly as possible...


      Wont take the right answer and cant get passed the question. Do i just end my learning here if i cant get pass this level


      Exactly the same said correctly but ....


      This just absolutely doesnt accept


      You seem to have sent your message before completing it. You don't say what it doesn't accept, so the message doesn't make much sense.


      I have said this phrase now to the program at least 15 times and it just says its wrong. Accepts "god" and "och". Even if for test i said something completely different. So there must be s bug.


      Ah, that makes sense now! Thanks. I don't know that anyone here on the discussion forum can really help, because, unlike typed answers, where you can tell us what you wrote, and we can comment, we can't hear what you said and how you said it, to know whether your spoken answer should have been accepted.


      Same problem, must be a glitch


      I'm trying and it counts only "god" and "och" even tho I think I'm saying it right. I have tried saying it differently and someone else tried to say it but no.


      God and och works for me but nothing else. Please fix it Duo or use another sentence


      "Natt" is pronounced exactly how it's spelled and yet for some reason Duolingo thinks I'm wrong, right...


      This lysining has a prablim


      What does "lysining" mean? Did you perhaps mean "listening"? And "problem" rather than "prablim"?


      This sentence has a problem


      What problem does this sentence have? Nobody can comment if you don't tell us.


      Also had the same problem. I finally clicked the cant talk now option and moved on to typing the answer.

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