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Need help from Duolingo "Experts" re: Immersion Uploading

Two of my completed uploaded documents ("La Iglesia Hoy") now show "0/0" and that they were added a year ago, when I wasn't even on Duolingo. I suspect it may be because there is a copyright symbol at the bottom of the original link. However, I wrote to the organization (Zenit.org) and received permission to use any and all of their material.

I posted a question twice in discussion and sent an email to support (2 weeks ago) asking how to verify to users and staff that I have permission but nobody from staff has answered me. One user suggested that I use a hosting site to paste in the information but that doesn't help for documents that are already uploaded and translated. Also, it seems there should be a way to paste this information in or notify users some other way without having to go offsite.

Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated!!

September 10, 2013



Can you send links to the translations?


When I click on the two documents, I am now taken to an error message: http://duolingo.com/errors/404.html

Here is a current upload: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/50fbc50bb35c379d72368ca173afd134

There are 12 articles uploaded. Do you need all the links?


Okay, it looks like what happened is:

  1. you tried to upload a document, but it failed due to "may contain offensive content" (likely the document was fine, but that's a separate issue)

  2. there's a bug that caused the document to be displayed in your uploads tab, even though it hasn't really been uploaded (hence the "0/0 sentences")

We'll fix this soon.


Thanks, that makes sense. I remember the two articles and I'm sure they would have been fine even though they each contained a word that triggered the flag.

Do I need to be concerned about the copyright issue? Do you have a process or a plan so users can submit permission? What will happen if someone reports one of these documents due to the copyright symbol on the original page even though I have permission to upload? Is there a way to edit uploads? If editing is possible I could also add in: with permission from......

Also, these documents all upload with the same title (La Iglesia Hoy) even though there is a different title on the original page which is somehow lost in the process. I would like to edit the title back in so users can differentiate between the articles.


You can email abuse@duolingo.com to let us know that you have permission to upload the articles, and we'll make sure not to remove them.

Unfortunately there's no easy fix for the title issue.


Thanks again for your help. It is much appreciated.

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