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PLEASE always show translation and correct answer...

No matter what happens, I want to see the translation and correct answer, which is not always the case now with this update...

September 10, 2013



We'll add this back soon!


Translations and correct answers. Recently the layout changed and if a letter or accent is missing (you are almost correct) a line appears to show the corrections. In these cases there is no translation. When I go into the discussion to find the correct translation, this is sometimes missing. I dont see where I can get it and if I use for example google translate, I can`t be sure it translates the same as Duo would.

Is this a problem with my computer or is it a Duo miss?

Is it possible for Duo to add a third line - one with corrections and one with the translation and is it possible for Duo to make sure that all the translations are in the discussion?


Yes please! Great idea about adding a third line so we don't have to go into the discussion unless we want to discuss.

Double "yes please" for the request to get all the translations into the discussions.


I just got a "listen and type" question wrong and the translation shows up beside the correction!

Yay, thanks DL!


There is still no translation on the discussion page in Medical for "El se cayo de rodillas."

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Still no translation as of Friday, 15 Jan, 2016.


Some times I can't hear the translation.


Totally agree! Have I said how much "Fix my mistake" annoys me. I want to see the correct answer, not take stabs of how to fix. I will catch it next time around. As disappointed as I was when I updated my phone to iOS 7!!!

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