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  5. "The king had found peace."

"The king had found peace."

Translation:O rei tinha encontrado a paz.

September 10, 2013



Is the "a" necessary?


My answer was accepted even though I didn't use "a" :)


What is more natural here, encontrar or achar?


Both seem ok, but I'd use "encontrar".


Both are equally natural.

[deactivated user]

    I omitted the article before "paz", wrong again.

    Is there a difference between the sentence, with and without the "a"?


    Using the article brings the same behavior of other nouns that seem to be greater entities, such as "life", "nature", "time" and others.

    There are sentences that use those in English without articles, as if they were proper names. (Nature is our mother, time will tell us the truth, life is great....). In Portuguese, these should use the article. These things are "the things", great, important, they are not "adjective-like".

    "Paz" can fit one of those "big things", one that everyone aims at.

    But it also fits a more regular use, as if it were just an amount of something, like in "He found some peace".

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