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Avete omnes!

Latin is a beautiful, complex and ancient language, and there is a consistent desire to see it on Duolingo. While we wait for Latin to be added to the incubator, here is a directory of some Latin lessons I have taken the liberty of creating, Duo-style. So far I have been able to keep to a pace of about one new lesson per week.

Carpe Lanam's course is now available on Wikiversity: Latin for Wikiversity

Some disclaimers: I have 16 years of experience teaching Latin to middle-school students, but I am not officially associated with Duolingo in any way, nor do I have any inside information about how, when or whether Latin will be added. I'm not trying to be a perfectionist or advocating one teaching method over another. I'm trying to follow Duo's model as closely as possible, keeping language learning fun without becoming overly fixated on pedantic rules. This is what I have enjoyed so much about Duolingo, and I consider these lessons the one way I can give back a little to the wonderful community of language learners here.

Edit 3/20/2019 - I am releasing the content of this course under cc-by-sa so that it may have a new home at Wikiversity.

April 11, 2015



I hope you don't mind it CarpeLanam, but to bring the experience for myself even closer to an actual Duolingo course, I started to collect your example sentences on Memrise. So if anyone else is interested, here these same lessons can be practiced in "action": http://www.memrise.com/course/906792/carpelanams-latin-course-on-duolingo-sentences/ I know it's not optimal (one can say even detrimental) for learning Latin, because a lot of correct translations are not recognized, but I try to add at least the SOV word order as accepted alternative everywhere (in case it makes sense).

Thanks again for all your efforts, I'm really enjoying this course!


I think it's great if you have the energy for all the data entry; that's what stopped me from adding sentences to my Memrise course. The sentences are really the best way to understand the context of the language, though. I'm glad if it helps you and maybe some others. Thanks for your support!


The first two I see are "sum femina" and "vir sum". That might be a little confusing, to have those not parallel like that?


You posted this 3 years ago and yet we still do NOT have a Latin course?!



Just checking, have you applied to the incubator? I think it's really great that you're working on these lessons and I sincerely hope that you will be in the team to bring us Latin for English speakers.


Thank you, and yes I have. It's been about a year and a half since then, and nothing has come from Duolingo officially. Many other people who are qualified have applied for Latin too. I'd be very happy to be chosen to help build the course, but for now, I'd rather light a candle than curse the darkness and I'm happy if this course is helping people. Bonam fortunam!


Really glad I came across this, impossible to believe that it still doesn't have an official duolingo tree after all this support!


The same as Basque Language ( Euskera )


I think you're brilliant and generous, providing Latin courses out of your own time. THANK YOU SO MUCH


Aw, thank you for your kind comment. Made my day!


I was hoping to see Latin at least in 2017, but it seems that never will be released, and you had all this work done, Jezz, you're just so awesome, you should be hired by Duolingo Staff

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