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  5. "Köy halkı burada bekliyor."

"Köy halkı burada bekliyor."

Translation:The village people are waiting here.

April 11, 2015



Here = the YMCA


It's fun to stay there. ;)


It is because of this I would never say "the village people are waiting here" I just keep seeing "The Village People" whenever I read this. I would restructure and say "the people of the village are waiting here".


Or even "villagers."


Ready to go west no doubt.


the public of the village are waiting here. is this true?


Why is it incorrect to say ' the people in the village are waiting '


Because we're talking about the people from the village, not people who are staying at the village (köyde)


For one thing, because your proposed English translation omits "burada" from the original sentence. Second, "in" isn't really part of the original sentence either. I read "Köy halkı" as people of the village (ie village people) rather than people in the village (who may or may not be of the village).


I believe that both "are" and "is" should be accepted in this case, as halk is translated as the countable word "people", which is not necessarily the plural form of "person", thus "the village people is..." might not be wrong, I believe


Eh, no, as a native speaker I'm pretty sure it is wrong. "People" can be a countable noun, but only in the sense of ethnic or national groups, which isn't the sense used here. You can say "there are many different peoples in Europe" or "this people has rich traditions", but "the village people is waiting" doesn't sound right -- in this sentence it is simply being used as the plural of "person" and therefore requires a plural verb.


I think rural people is better than village people


What is the difference between halkı and insan and kişi? I do not seem to be understanding the finer nuances of the usage of these three words. Thank you for any and all help!

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