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"Veertien, vijftien en zestien zijn nummers."

Translation:Fourteen, fifteen and sixteen are numbers.

April 11, 2015



does anybody else have problems geting the comùter to unerstand when you say the numbers. Everything else, it gets alrgiht!


The same thing happens to me, both in the Dutch and German courses, only (or especially) with compound numbers.


I have the same thing, it doesn't understand a single number when I say them but gets everything else right


Yes. Me too. I know I'm saying them right, because my family speaks Dutch. I'm here for vocabulary and grammar, not pronunciation. Very frustrating.


I am having the same problem; it is rather annoying.


I have complained several times. Glad I am not the only one!!


Yes, I simply cannot get this one correct and my Dad (who is Dutch) tells me that my pronunciation is just fine. So annoying.


Seems even though I say it exactly the same as them it marks me wrong and I cannot get through without saying I can't speak now. Totally frustrating.


Why is it 'veertien' and not 'viertien'?


Probably for the same reason 40 is now spelled 'forty' instead of 'fourty' in English; in a word: vowel shift.

"Originally it was indeed spelled viertien. It wasn't until the 16th century that veertien became the more commonly accepted spelling. Phonetic pronunciation was probably what caused the spelling to change. If you keep saying "vier tien, vier tien" over and over in rapid succession, the sound of vier quickly shifts to the same as veer."

— translated from: http://www.goeievraag.nl/wetenschap/taal/vraag/324749/veer-veertien-viertien

(a web link to a scholarly source is also cited on this page)

Ever wonder why the word 'light' is spelled the way it is in English? If you hear the Dutch word licht, it's not difficult to recognize where the 'gh' came from. It wasn't always silent. When the printing press came along and standardized spelling became more of a necessity, archaic pronunciations of words such as 'light' were already well-preserved in the generally accepted spelling while in other cases, shifts in pronunciation were reflected in the generally accepted spelling. The Old English spelling for the word 'and,' for example, was 'ond.'

In some dialects of Dutch, zeven is pronounced zeuven, but the generally recognized pronunciation and standardized spelling is 'zeven.'


English is not my native language and I ALWAYS type 'fourty' instead of 'forty'.

Thank you very much for your explanation, I think it will be easier for me to remember now.. Veertien and forty :D


I'm Dutch. Veertien, vijftien zestien??? the system doesn't understand me......


And how come the computer voice sounds more like it's saying vaiftien and zain instead of veiftien and zein?


"14, 15 en 16 zijn nummers." is not correct :`(

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Duolingo wants you to write the numbers in words instead of, well, numbers. ;)


Unfortunately it was a speech recognition exercise and it refuses to write the numbers down and keeps putting in: "14, 15 en 16.." I'ver reported this many times :/

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Ah, that's too bad. :/


Same problem for me too


I don't get the problem..... why is it not okay to write three numbers?Anyway the reason your report was not fixed vanof is because its just three numbers.....its not like its too much;is it?


premium the only reason I can think of is because some people will be using dutch to learn english via this course so it helps for them to spell out the numbers


Ah, that’s too bad? Well, 4 years later, yeah , it still is too bad....


yes i have said the numbers correctly over and over again and it doesn't recognise it as correct.


it doesn't understand me, but I'm saying it correctly


This is so annoying I’m saying the numbers correct... this has happened to me too what is going on??


Read the other comments...you are not alone!


Once again it does not recognise numbers. Please sort this issue out Duolingo!

[deactivated user]

    Veertien, vijftien en zestien zijn getallen. Als de getallen een volgorde in een reeks aanduiden zijn het nummers.


    Amai zeg, dat wist ik ook niet. Het getal tien bestaat uit twee cijfers: 1 (één) en 0 (nul), maar Top tienen of Top 1000 bestaan uit nummers, maar duizend is een getal.

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