Does anybody know a website to learn maths like languages on duolingo?

December 20, 2012


The only sites I know that my be able to help you are, Which is a site the has lesson on maths from year 1 - year 10. If you are looking for higher education mathematics I can suggest Khan Academy,

Does someone know pages for german children`

Many of the Khan Academy's videos offer German subtitles, so you could be learning in German and improving English and Math skills at the same time.

To try it out, go to a video like this one: Click the "Options" drop down underneath the video, and select the "Translated subtitles" option. Then another drop down should appear that says "English" on it by default, and you can click that and select German.

What do you mean pages?

I mean websites like in german.

Nah sorry I don't know any, You could try using Google chrome browser and have it translate the page into German? possibly.

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