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  5. "Alex is in Turkey."

"Alex is in Turkey."

Translation:Alex Türkiye'de.

April 12, 2015



Why the apostrophe?


You have to use apostrophes on proper nouns when you add any sort of grammatical information to the end.


Am I the only one who thinks you added this sentence yourself? BTW I actually laughed when I saw this. I'm actually wondering whether there is a Alex is in Ireland for Irish


I actually don't think I did. Selcen and the others had a lot of fun adding names places :D I added quite a few about Emel and Selcen though.


Oh my! This just makes it funnier! I am going to learn Turkish in the future just because of this :)


There are a lot about Duo, too


@adamyoung97 I didn't realise this!


What? Alex in turkey? Hahaha it is writting "alexinnaturkey" there:)


What are the endings and when do you apply them; eg. 'Ayasofya Istanbul'dadir' is correct but you can't say 'Alex Türkiye'dadir' ?



First off, it would be "Türkiye'dedir." :)

You cannot really add the suffix to this anymore. It isn't a fact or strong assumption. The Hagia Sophia is and forever will be in Turkey. This is a fact and will forever be true. I, on the other hand, am not even in Turkey anymore and won't be for a while :) -DIr is used for encyclopedic facts, strong assumptions, and for a few other things. Look at this.

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