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  5. "I am a vegetarian."

"I am a vegetarian."

Translation:Is veigeatóir mé.

April 12, 2015



"Veigeatóir"? Feoilséantóir is the more common word, surely.


We accept both. We just made a judgement call to teach "veigeatóir"


I thought 'táim' or 'tá mé' would have been accepted as well?


This is a classification/identification sentence. Irish, similar to Spanish, requires a different verb to express those, namely the copula.


Why can i not use ''taim'' here


so would "Is ni veigeatoir me" mean I'm not a vegetarian?


Ní veigeatóir mé - I am not a vegetarian.


Here, 'veigeatóir' is pronounced with a 'soft g,' the 'g' sounding more like a 'j,' but here ( https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fuaim/f%c3%ador-veigeat%c3%b3ir ) all 3 examples (one each from Ulster, Connacht, and Munster) pronounce 'veigeatóir' with a 'hard g,' that is, like every 'g' i have ever heard in any other Irish word. Which is preferable, the 'hard g' or 'soft g,' or does it matter?

(sorry about 'hard g,' 'soft g,' 'sounding more like a j,' and other terminology: i never seem to learn IPA, no matter how much of it i drink.)

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As it's clearly a portmanteau of a loan word and the typical óir ending for nouns that describe thing/people by their function or actions, if you approach it from the point of familiarity with the original loan word, you'll pronounce it with a "soft g", but, if you first encounter it in the written form, you're more likely to use a "hard g", even though there is no existing word that veigeat comes from.

Like seisiún, the "loan-word" pronunciation may stick, or it may be supplanted - as it's already a word that some people object to (incorrectly, in my opinion), the pronunciation is not really the main issue with the word, as there won't be any confusion about what you mean, or even how to spell it, based on the pronunciation.


Maybe you drink too much at a time :-) An Anki deck such as this one


could help you. Try and learn one, two or three cards a day, not more. If you need to know more signs, you can add new cards to the deck or use another ready-made deck in this list:



Mujen I'm guessing those are for computers?


There are versions of Anki for computers and phones: https://apps.ankiweb.net/

The same decks can be used with any version of Anki.


I forgot the extra I and a in the word... I don't see why a spelling mistake is always marked wrong, especially the times I have all the letters but accidentally swapped a pair...


which 'i' is the 'extra' one? :0) i, too, had trouble spelling veigeatóir at first. the memory trick i came up with was to think of the line, 'vegetarians do not EAT anything with a PAIR OF EYES:' the english word 'eat' appears in the middle of 'veigeatóir' (not really, of course, but you can see 'eat' there), which seems appropriate, as veigEATóir refers to people based on what they 'eat,' and that's how i remembered the 'a;' the phrase 'pair of eyes' prompted me to remember that there are two (letter) i's in the word. as for where to put the two i's, note that in the word 'pair,' the 'i' is not only the third letter from the beginning but also the next to last letter in the word; same with the pair of i's in veigeatóir: the first i is the third letter, and the second i is next to last. by now, i just know how to spell the word, and no longer need to remember the prompt. i find that with enough repetition, practice, and study, i don't need such memory tricks as often, even for new words, as i have become more familiar with the way the spelling corresponds to the pronunciation and meaning. i also learn through being corrected, such as when duo dings my spelling. anyway, good luck.


If you forget one letter, the answer is accepted and there is a message saying that there was a typo in it. If you forget more, the answer is refused.

I cannot see any extra letter in that word. The i and the e around the g show that it has to be pronounced slender (palatalised), the a in gea is the actual vowel, pronounced like e in "the (cat)" because it is unstressed.


"Hateful Eight", anyone? :)

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