Anyone know when the immersion function is available for Turkish?

April 12, 2015


Probably never, none of the newly added courses have immersion

Very bad news :(

just to add, this is no official news. But it can be clearly seen that Duolingo's immersion strategy changed a lot, and as I said none of the volunteer-based languages have immersion so far

I understand you, but it is also sad to hear this. Anyway we have to wait.

And what about adding the word list also ?

What exactly is an immersion?

the section where people can translate real texts. You can for example check it for German or Spanish. When you switch to these courses, you'll see a tab next to "discussion"

The Swedish moderators have said the same, and I'm sad about this. I have immersion for the languages that I already read reasonably well, and keep thinking how useful it would be for Turkish and Swedish (both languages in which I'd really benefit from the translation practice). I understand that the translations aren't part of Duolingo's business strategy, anymore, and that there are regulation issues, but I wish they could give us an immersion section to practice with.

In the Danish section, there are Skype meetings where people get to talk and practise the language with Danish speakers.

I'm thinking of arranging similar meetings on Skype where people could come and use the Turkish that they've learnt.

Perhaps we could also arrange a translation session and work with advanced learners.

What do you think?

I don't have Skype (it's probably past time I corrected this!), but I think it's a fabulous idea, and I imagine you'd get quite a few participants. (There's no substitute for practice, and in a lot of places, it's hard to find people to practice Turkish with.)

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