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  5. "He is currently an actor."

"He is currently an actor."

Translation:Ele é ator atualmente.

September 10, 2013



I thought before a profession in Portuguese there was no um/uma. Why do we need it in this case?


Yes, we usually dont add "um, uma". It may happen in some occasions if the person decides to use that...


But the implication is that it is not necessary in this case, correct?

[deactivated user]

    The Um is optional here


    Why is it "Ele é" rather than "Ele está"? "Ser" is normally used for one´s profession, but in this sentence the clear implication is that he is an actor temporarily, rather than permanently. (I used está and lost a heart)


    maybe because it's not that short! In sentences like this you also use SER, but you say "ele está atualmente trabalhando como ator".


    Thanks. This is when help from a native speaker is invaluable. The amount of help you have given to Portuguese learners is amazing.


    Why doesn't it work with correntemente?

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