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"Brazil needs to form more engineers."

Translation:O Brasil precisa formar mais engenheiros.

September 10, 2013



I think the English sentence is a literal translation of the Portuguese and sounds strange. In Brazil, the word for graduate comes from the verb "formar" giving "Brazil needs to graduate more engineers" which sounds slightly odd in BrEn but seems to be fine in AmEn. I believe a translation using something like "Brazil needs to train more engineers" works well in both variants.


Yes...really awkward ...when I saw the sentence in Portuguese I was almost sure they'd use graduate.... but it was not...


Is "precisa de formar" wrong?


Yes... precisar + de + NOUN / precisar + VERB


Same struggle with articles. This time I left it out and they said no. "Brasil precisa formar....." Last time I put it in "A minha esposa pareceu surpresa...." and got it wrong. Parece que não posso ganhar.

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