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"Táim ag múineadh mo pháiste."

Translation:I am teaching my child.

3 years ago



So, "-eadh" is pronounced [-uh]?

3 years ago


It depends on the dialect, and the function of the word. For example, in Connacht, it's /ə/ if used as a verbal noun, but it'd generally be /u:/ if used as the past autonomous (for first conjugation verbs), and /əx/ in the conditional.

In Donegal, it generally tends to /u:/ in all cases, I believe. I'm not sure about Munster.

3 years ago

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I typed the sentence (listening exercise) starting with “Tá mé…”, and it is not accepted, but there is no way to report that (no “My answer should be accepted” option) :)

11 months ago


If she said "táim" and you wrote "tá mé", then your answer shouldn't be accepted for a "Type what you hear" exercise. (And I say that even though I can't tell whether she's saying "táim" or "tá mé" and it doesn't make any difference, grammatically).

11 months ago