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  5. "Jeg har ikke andre frugter."

"Jeg har ikke andre frugter."

Translation:I do not have any other fruits.

April 12, 2015



Since "I have no other fruits" is an accepted dk->en translation, would "Jeg har intet andre frugter" be an acceptable en->dk translation?


"Jeg har ingen andre frugter" is accepted. For common gender singular nouns, you must use "ingen" to say "no" or "not any" (as in none). "frugt" is a common gender noun. (en frugt)

"Intet" is used for singular neuter gender nouns and uncountable nouns ("Der er intet tårn" og "Der er intet guld" - "There is no tower" and "There is no gold").

However, all plural nouns need "ingen", no matter what gender they are: "Der er ingen frugter" and "Der er ingen tårne" are both correct. That is why "Jeg har intet andre frugter" is wrong :)


Thank you, I didn't really realize we'd been given both a common and neuter word for "no". Thank you! That was really clear, have some lingots


gracias! ha sido de mucha utilidad, me ha gustado.

[deactivated user]

    It is unusual to use fruit in the plural in English, It is generally a group noun.


    Just my two pennies worth, the plural of fruit in English is fruit. No 's'


    Actually. Not completely true. Sometimes people harvest the fruits of their labour.


    That moment when you find that you are a determinant in Danish...


    Why not "I have not other fruits"?


    Because in english the negation of "have" is "don't have" or "haven't got" in affirmative sentences


    Are those fruits maybe a metaphor??


    I have ALL the 'fruitS' in ACNH! You need any?


    Oh yes! We have no bananas!

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