"Nosso time de futebol tem uma boa defesa."

Translation:Our soccer team has a good defense.

April 12, 2015



i was going to put defence but it hinted "defender". i put defender ten it marks it wrong. What is with that?

April 26, 2015


"Defender" (Defesa in EP; Zagueiro, Beque ou Defensor in BP) is the name we give to a specific kind of soccer player, while this sentence is hinting at the whole group of defenders that make up a team's defense (usually three to five defenders at one given time in a match).

Edit: We've decided to remove "defender" from the hints altogether in order to preserve the initial idea behind this sentence.

I apologize on behalf of the Portuguese team for the trouble this slip-up may have caused you, and I wish you good luck with your studies :)

September 10, 2015


Still did this 10SEP2015. Reported.

September 10, 2015


Our team of soccer is wrong

June 29, 2015


Is there any difference between time and equipe?

April 12, 2015

April 12, 2015


I put our football team. Marked as wrong???

June 8, 2019


"Our football team has a good defence" is marked as wrong but is correct. In English it is a "football" team and is almost never referred to as a "soccer team" because that is American (not English). Need to change the answer. Also defence (noun) is spelled with a "c" and not an "s"

July 12, 2019


I think that "Our team of football has a good defense" should be accepted

October 2, 2015


In English "team of football" would not work. For team, and most other words another noun is used in front, like an adjective: "football team."

November 17, 2015
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