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This just came to me after a comment someone made in:

about actually buying rainforest.

It would be a neat thing if we could actually spend our lingots on charity, but for that to happen the lingot has to represent a monetary value. Which I think could be realized by having companies sponsor these special (maybe green-colored) lingots you could then earn and spend?

You'd earn them by doing exercises such as tests, finishing a skill, whatever is suitable and then after you've earned enough of them spend them on one of the charities provided by Duolingo at that time.

I don't need to mention all the great things we could do with them, but I don't know enough about the workings of an organization such as Duolingo to judge the actual merit of such an idea.

Anyway, just putting it out there!

3 years ago

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Actually, has a similar concept. But, this will need co-ordination with both corporates as well as NGOs. Also Duolingo will have to show advertisements, the absence of which has been a big plus point for them.

3 years ago
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Or maybe passing a test for 15$ and you have 100 questions. 1 good question = 1 lingots = 1$ that you can give to charity.

3 years ago
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