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  5. "Es zapato es nuestro."


"Es zapato es nuestro."

December 20, 2012



Zapato=shoe. But the sentence you wrote here has no sense... what do you want to translate?


Exactly, the sentence in the exercise made no sense to me (it wasn't my sentence). I wrote the answer as "El zapato es nuestro" and they corrected as "Es zapato es nuestro", which made no sense to me. That's why I'm asking if in any possible way, "es zapato" would make sense. But I guess not. Probably just a typo on their corrections.


You're right. It's a typo.


There is a link where you can tell them that your translation is correct.


Under "report a problem" appears one, apparently random, problem, different for each question. in this case it is not "my answer is correct." It makes little sense to have one choice, less to have a check-mark box in front of it. "Gee, I guess I'll check this one."


I knew it was a typo. It should have read "El zapato." I gave the answer "The shoe is ours" and it was correct. So, even though they made the typo, the correct answer still works.

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shouldn't that be el zapato?

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