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Seychellios Creole for Begginers! (1)

Ok, as most of you people know, Japanese is already ''taken'' for me to teach. I speak 5 languages, and Seychellios Creole is 1 of them! Here are some vocabulary words that are used on a daily basis: (Mind you, it is pretty similar to Hatian Creole, but pronounced french and english like) P.S., I am contributing to a course!

1: Bonzour (pronounced Bonzoo) = Hello

2: Mon Apel ( Mon APEL) = My name is..... I'm called...

3:Bye = Bye

4: Mersi (As french call it) = Thank you

5: Wi (As it is) = Yeah or Yes

6: No= No

I hope you like these vocabulary words and if I could get 10 upvotes, I will post more! Orevwar! (Formal way of saying Bye)

April 12, 2015



Amazing how it is close to French ! Thank you for you time :)


You are quite welcome!


I would love to see more! Definitely interesting to see stuff like this in the Discussion. Thanks for introducing me to a new language.


You are welcome! Want me to tell you more about the country?


Yes please! Could you do a seperate post on it?


Thanks for the lesson! One of my neighbors when I was a kid was from the Seychelles. I remember looking it up on a map and being surprised by how small it was. There were only some dots in the ocean, and an arrow pointing to them that said "The Seychelles." I had a chance to go many years ago and it is truly the most beautiful place I have ever seen.


Im glad you like it! I am planning to go to seychelles


Very similar to Haitien Creole then (Which I'm not surprised by) - Mesi/Mersi! :)


Mersi! Do you speak creole?


I don't, only a few words. I can understand a bit due to French though, and I'd like to learn it :)


Ooh, so happy to hear you're contributing to a course! Thank you, I can't wait to learn! :D

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