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  5. "Arabayı kim kullanıyor?"

"Arabayı kim kullanıyor?"

Translation:Who is driving the car?

April 12, 2015



What is the difference between: kullanmak and sürmek ?


In this context, no difference. But kullanmak can also mean "to use", and sürmek can also mean "to last" in other contexts.


If I look in my dictionary, most Turkish verbs seem to mean about twenty different things….


Just think of kullanmak as "use" because what do you do when you are using a car? You're basically driving it. Turkish just tends to be a bit casual about these definitions.


When you look at any language from another language, the same tends to be true.


You couldn't have said it better


çok teşekkürler


how can i say "who uses the car?" ? Meaning, how can i say it in present simple?


Why is the answer wrong "Who is driving this car"?


The word "this" (bu) is not included in this sentence. :) That is why.


Is there a particular reason why we do not need a -mI particle here? Or is it optional?


mİ is used for yes-no question, but not if there is a question word in the sentence already -- such as kim "who" in this case.


True! Maybe there is a little exception: you can use it with question words to question the question itself :)

-- Ne istiyorsun? -> What do you want?
++ Ne mi istiyorum? -> What do I want? (Are you really asking this?)

So "Arabayı kim mi kullanıyor?" would mean "Are you asking/wondering who is driving the car?"


That makes sense - thanks!


Is it really wrong to say "who drives the car?"


That is a grammatically correct English sentence, but Duo in general wants you to use present simple tense to translate Turkish aorist, and present continuous to translate Turkish present continuous.

This one uses present continuous -ıyor and so it expects present continuous "is ...ing" in the translation.


how can i translate whose car that he is driving


Do you mean "Whose car is he driving?" ?

I think that would be Kimin arabasını kullanıyor? .


In English there is a distinction between "who is using the car" and "who is driving the car". In the case of "who is using the car" you are asking "who is currently making use of the car". They may not be driving at the time when the question is asked. They may have gone on a trip and the car is parked somewhere. In the case of "who is driving the car" this indicates that the car is currently being driven and you want to know by whom.

Is there the same distinction in Turkish? Or kullanıyor only ever means "who is driving the car" in this context?

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