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"¿Cuál es el significado del título?"

Translation:What is the title's meaning?

September 11, 2013



I used a different sentence structure and was marked as incorrect -- "What does the title mean?"

September 27, 2013


Me too! I think "What does the title mean?" should be correct, right?

October 31, 2013


Both are right. It is just a different way of putting the sentence. For me personally I would say "what does the title mean."

April 19, 2016


¿Qué significa el título? = What does the title mean? ¿Cuál es el significado del título? = What is the significance of the title?

July 18, 2015


This might be ¿Qué significa el titulo? but it looks like a question for definition of the word el titulo
Could anyone confirm?

April 6, 2014


It looks like it means "What is the meaning of the title"? Not the word "title", but the meaning of a sentence that is a title of something.

January 4, 2015


jan-30-2015, I put the same as you. I just translated it word for word and it was accepted as correct.

January 31, 2015


I did the same. I am getting frustrated with this program!

June 12, 2014


Me too. Although it's a different structure, it's still a valid translation as we are translating meaning not words.

January 19, 2015


Yo tambien

December 10, 2014


It's now accepted as of 4/29/16

April 29, 2016


Nope, I just had "what does the title mean" marked wrong

November 23, 2016


Me too, April 2017

April 4, 2017


I haven't run into the issue yet, but I would think the two are different parts of speech (mean vs meaning). El significado is "THE significance" or "THE meaning." They aren't using it as a verb here.

November 19, 2017


Me too, kind of annoying since it is more proper and means the same.

September 29, 2017


I reported "signifcance" to Duo

September 22, 2013


What is the significance of the title? This was accepted today. Thanks for all those who reported it!

October 31, 2013


Thanks Pauline, this is good to know although they are still not accepting what is the title's significance. I have reported this today. 14/04/2014

April 13, 2014


Me too

April 14, 2014


I see that "significado" can mean "significance", but DL didn't like it.

Does it only mean "significance" in some other context?

September 11, 2013


"Significance" should be accepted. I would report it. (http://www.linguee.es/espanol-ingles/search?source=autoquery=el+significado+del+t%EDtulo)

EDIT: Sorry my link didn't work...

September 11, 2013


Thanks. I'll report it next time I get it.

September 11, 2013


Still not accepted. Reported it again. A title can have significance. It should be accepted.

September 29, 2013


should it not be 'which' not 'what'? if duolingo want you to translate it literally?

November 22, 2013


Duolingo doesn't want us to translate literally. Anyway, "cuál" means both "which" and "what".

November 23, 2013


which was wrong reported!

October 19, 2015


Normally, you use which when you have only two choices, if there are more you use what!

March 31, 2015


'Which?' is used when there is a choice, no matter how many choices. 'Which of these four apples would you like?' It there is no choice involved, then you use 'what?'

September 25, 2017


Significance was not accepted for me today.

February 10, 2014


Doesn't título also mean degree?

June 30, 2015


How does one ask "Which is the meaning of the title?" in Spanish? Let's say you were cheating on a multiple answer test.

August 24, 2015


I used "what is the title's signification ?" and was marked as incorrect.. !!

December 11, 2015


Signification is exactly the right word, however it is British and they might not be familiar with it.

May 8, 2016


What does the title mean?

March 27, 2016


I wrote, what is the meaning of the title, and it was correct

April 14, 2016


I do fairly well translating sentences with que or cual, but have problems knowing when to use each in forming sentences. Are there any learning aids for this situation?

November 27, 2013


Very good article. Thank you!

September 7, 2014


Prior to this exercise DL always marked the use of the word "what" as wrong when used to translate cual. So I've been using "which" just to give the computer what its been programed to accept (Which to a native born English speaker was always wrong. Now all of a sudden the rules have changed...... Another example of DL's tyranny of inconsistency!

October 25, 2014


I would say that maybe it depends on the the context of the 'which?' or 'what?'

September 25, 2017


Since when does cual mean what? I thought it meant which?

June 20, 2015


Cual does mean which, but it can also mean what. It is used instead of qué when the field of the topic is some how narrowed.

July 8, 2015

July 19, 2015


Could it also be "Qué es significado...?" ? Please explain.

December 9, 2015


Just a guess but perhaps if you use "qué" you end up asking for the definition of the literal phrase "el título"?

December 26, 2015


Whats the difference between cual and que

February 5, 2016


This site was suggested above from clairemuller http://spanish.about.com/cs/grammar/a/que_vs_cual.htm.

March 24, 2016


i said what 'what does the title mean' too, and it is STILL marked wrong

September 10, 2016


"What is the significance of the title?" I've seen people report in this thread that it's being accepted, but it isn't.

October 11, 2016


Titulo can also mean degree (titulo de estudio), but when i put "what is the meaning of the degree" it signs it as wrong. anyone experienced the same? it should be right

March 9, 2017


i used "what is the meaning of the title"

April 23, 2017


What is the title's significance? Does that not say the same thing?

April 27, 2017


I thought that "que" was translated as "what" while "cuál is translated as '"which". Is this not correct? I'm a bit confused.

May 9, 2017


As a rule, but not always. "¿Cuál es tu nombre?" - "What is your name" like there is only some many names to choose from. Or "¿Cuál color es favorito?"

May 9, 2017


why do we bother commenting when obviously Duolingo either doesn't read the comments, or just don't care that they are not right. "What does the title mean?" is absolutely correct and that structure would be used more often.

May 19, 2017


These discussions are not intended as a way to complain to Duolingo. They're intended as a way for us to help each other. We're supposed to use the "Report" button to report problems to Duolingo.

May 20, 2017


'what does the title mean' was marked wrong for me too!

September 7, 2017


"What is the title's meaning" and "What does the title mean" do convey the same idea, but they have a subtle difference in nuance. Both these sentences have equivalents in Spanish: "Cuál es significado del título" and "Qué significa el título", so it makes sense to me that Duolingo would only accept the more exact match.

September 8, 2017

[deactivated user]

    i know that coal can mean which or what. I feel that coal in this sentence can mean which as well as what.

    September 28, 2017


    It could, depending on the context. If you were given three possible meanings for the title, then you might say 'Which is the title's meaning?'

    September 28, 2017


    Would "importance" work here for significado?

    December 6, 2017


    No, 'importance' is not the same as 'meaning'. You can ask the meaning of something without it being important.

    December 6, 2017


    "What is the meaning of the title" was accepted on 12/21/17.

    December 21, 2017


    There are more translations possible

    January 19, 2019


    When listening to the audio i can only hear "¿Cuál es el significada del título?" when played on normal speed

    February 28, 2019
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