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Wikipedia Translation!

Hey guys!

For those of you who submit Wikipedia articles, or are interested in doing so, here is a useful, well ... Wikipedia article that has some guidelines for translating and revising articles from their original language.


Since I haven't received a straight answer about whether or not users who submit Wikipedia articles are ultimately responsible for editing or adding the translation to Wikipedia themselves, I will assume that we are, and I guess that makes sense. But I know I wasn't sure how to do that at first, so I found this article which explains the basics and also links more specific how-to guides for translators.

Also a question: has anyone else here added their translated submissions back to Wikipedia? If so, any tips?

Keep up the good translating!

September 11, 2013



I have noticed that some of the wiki articles up for translation already have an English web version, although the topics are usually covered in much greater depth in the Spanish version. So my question is if these are article translations that will replace, or be merged into an expanded English language article (in which case will there be a need for translations in the other direction?)?

Anyway, thanks for the info. It's useful.



That fit's in with the first bullet here. I think you should respect what other users have included in the English version so far, then fit in the new information from the Spanish translation, remove any overlapping details, and just make sure it's organized.

If your goal is simply translation, then it might be too much trouble to check other aspects of the article such as resources etc. So just incorporate the translation, and other users can proofread and fact check.

I did so with a German article recently.

Original: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abrogans

English: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abrogans


I saw that, but didn't think it applied. I can see that it does now. Thanks.


To answer your earlier question: we plan to publish the translations to the target-language Wikipedias, but aren't doing so currently. You're welcome to do it yourself in the meantime.


Do you know if that will apply to articles that have been translated prior to that? I mean if I submit a Wikipedia article now, and it gets translated, then when this gets implemented will it automatically be published through your system?


Yes, that's the plan. We wouldn't overwrite existing Wikipedia articles, of course (unless the existing article is just a stub).

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