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Repeating lessons on iPad because credit not registering

I keep seeing a problem with the Duolingo iPad app. I finish exercises and the app and web site do not show that I have completed them. It's starting to get annoying. Sometimes I will get credit but the next exercise I do repeats the previous one.

April 12, 2015



If you can, try to test out of the lesson. Maybe that will help. :(


Start by troubleshooting connection issues: make sure other changes are showing up across the iOS and web (like spending lingots). Verify that you're connected to wifi (not cell network) and have the same account. Someone the other week had a similar issue and it turned out that they had accidentally created a new account when they signed into the iOS app. Someone else realized that their iPad was never actually connecting to the server.

Sooooo, start there.

Also, general troubleshooting tips for smart device app issues (transferable to most desktop issues too): turn airplane mode off then on again, restart the app, restart the device, check for updates to the app (or plugins or even OS), log out of any relevant accounts, worst case scenario reinstall the app.

buena suerte!


Thank you superdaisy!

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