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Lost streak doing offline practice

I went away this weekend somewhere with no internet connection so I thought I'd be clever and use the offline option to keep my streak going ;-) So after my practice on Friday, I downloaded the next few lessons and drove off to the mountains. Saturday, I did my downloaded lessons and the phone app says my streak is safe. Yay! But when I get home today (Sunday) and open up the app to do my Sunday practice, as soon as I go online, my streak resets to 1 day :-( I check the website, and yup streak gone.

Is this a limitation of the offline mode? If so, it's not clear from the app that you have to go online before the end of the day to keep your streak. I don't see why it can't be used this way - surely the app keeps a track of when you completed each lesson? It's a shame because it means you still need to go online every single day - it would be much better if the offline app kept a track of when you completed the lessons so you could perhaps only update once every two or three days (or until you run out of lessons!) and still keep your streak. Maybe Duolingo never want you to take a (offline) holiday :-(

Do you think this could be a possibility in the future?

April 12, 2015



That is actually an interesting, and possibly implementable idea. I hope Duo staff take note of this. You should write to them, requesting this feature. Go to 'Help' below, and then click on the 'Contact us' button to do so.


I love the tracking idea for sure.


You must connect to the internet once a day and make sure that the points transfer. Offline mode can be tricky even after connecting to the internet. So I would be careful about relying on it. Sorry about your streak. :(


here mate, have some lingots, sorry for your streak :)

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