"Evet, ben bile işsizim."

Translation:Yes, even I am unemployed.

April 12, 2015



I misunderstood and answered "Yes, I am even unemployed" - I think this should not be accepted as a right answer (but it was), since the meaning is substantially different from "Yes, even I am unemployed".

The former makes sense in limited cases like "So you are not working today? -> Yes, I am even unemployed."

The correct translation seems to be only the answer to something like "So is the job situation bad where you live?"

August 14, 2015


Unfortunately, these sentences are the same in Turkish :)

August 14, 2015


Bugger... :/ "bile" is the best candidate for a word that will keep confusing me for some time to come...

August 15, 2015


means context is important

December 1, 2017


Yes i am unemployed even what is the wrong with it?

November 4, 2015


It sounds very unnatural for "even" to come in that position in the sentence in English :)

November 4, 2015


Initially I interpreted this as "Yes, I don't even work" as if it were like "Evet, ben bile işim yok."

August 4, 2017


I have used wrong words, this is what was suggested as correct answer: Yes, I am even unemployed. what does "even" mean here, perhaps "also", or "still" or... perhaps this sentence wants to tell, that "i have no money at all, while being unemployed as well"? Please reply if you are a native English speaker :)

September 1, 2017


¨Yes, I am even unemployed¨ is grammatically correct in English since it is implied that you are other things including unemployed. Or at least thats how I interpret it as

January 1, 2018


I put "Yes I am unemployed" and it was wrong

January 28, 2019


"bile" means "even". That is not optional in an accurate translation. Therefore it is: "Yes, even I am unemployed."

January 29, 2019


Within the translation and meaning of this phrase, "even I", there is one other meaning, which does highlight the speaker as being rude and pompous. I would dislike any of my friends speaking to me like this. I believe that British people generally try to be kind and good mannered. The good manners within any language is important and this is what makes people what they are. This view appears to be lacking throughout the examples and interpretations within the course. The real meaning is hidden within the words used. This is my personal view.

June 13, 2019
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