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  5. "It is snowing."

"It is snowing."

Translation:Kar yağıyor.

April 12, 2015



kar is snow, yes? what does yağıyor mean on its own? yağmur is rain. is yağıyor falling or would it literally translate to it's raining snow?


yağıyor doesn't really mean anything on its own, you have to use it with different kinds of precipitation

yağmur yağıyor: it is raining

kar yağıyor: it is snowing

dolu yağıyor: it is hailing

so yes it is like falling, but only for rain snow and hail, for nothing else


Adding to this:

You can find "yağmak" in literature when referring to anything that falls from the sky: "Mermiler yağıyordu…" (Bullets were raining) etc. The idea is the same though.


Right, cool - thanks :D and to Ektoraskan, too!


Thanks a lot you really make it easier for me :'-)


O kar yağıyor means it is snowing right? Because the site says it can't put 'o' in. Why is that?


You can't use it in this sentence because 'o' is a pronoun.

"O kar yağıyor" would mean a specific thing is snowing, or "(S)he is snowing." It usually won't make sense, but I think you could use 'o' if you were referring to a snowglobe that has been shaken up and is now "snowing," or if you have a lot of dandruff and your head is "snowing." :P

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