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Adding a language resetted to zero my advance in the first one

I completed de first two basic "packs" of French-from-Spanish course and wanted to add another language, but since from Spanish there are just a few, I changed to English so I started the Irish course. Now, the French course is back to zero, like if I had never started it at all!!

Fortunately I lost just a few lessons that I'm glad to repeat anyway, but will this be happening everytime I add a new language course?


April 12, 2015

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Ok, I figured it out so instead of deleting the post I'll explain it, so if someone has the same problem will know what to do:

very easy, just swap form one language to another in the "settings" menu of your avatar. Once yo do that (in the menu "I speak") go to the course you were doing and voilá, your goals will be there waiting for you.


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