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  5. "Ambos somos estudiantes."

"Ambos somos estudiantes."

Translation:We are both students.

September 11, 2013



or "Both of us are students." (accepted by DL)


They didn't accept mine this time, but last time they did. What confusion!


Can it be somos ambos/ambas estudiantes?


Yes, but "ambas" can only be used if both of you are girls. In any case, both will still translate to English the same.


Is it wrong to say "Somos ambos estudiantes"?


It might be correct in a colloquial situation, but "Ambos somos estudiantes" sounds more natural to me.


And both, we are students?


I don't think that conveys the same meaning... IMO it should be either "we both are students" or "both of us are students".


(Saying this as a native English-speaker) "Both, we are students" may get the meaning across, but it sounds very unnatural in English.


So, how would you say 'they are both students'? Would that be 'Ambos son estudiantes'?


We are not students during our whole life (except on duolingo). So shouldn't it be better to use estar instead of ser : ambos estamos estudiantes ?


Ser is used with occupations, and being a student, even though it may not pay you money, follows that rule. The use of ser doesn't depend on whether you do something your whole life or just for thirty years or just for the summer, it is used for naming what you do, how you spend your time. Soy pianista. Es mesero. Es artista. Somos médicos.


Also we aren't permanently children, but we'll still say somos niños


In general you are right. However, you can use estar if you really want to convey that you are doing a job temporarily and it is not your career / what defines you. For example, an actor who is working in a restaurant to make money between acting jobs / while auditioning can say:

Estoy de camarero.
I'm (temporarily) working as a waiter.


I have seen estoy de (occupation) occasionally, but more often I see what I tend to see in English Trabajo como (occupation).


why does abos come at the beginning of this sentence Seems that ambos describes students not the verb


There is no way the woman said ambos!!

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