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"Minhas irmãs ganharam o primeiro prêmio."

Translation:My sisters won the first prize.

September 11, 2013



The English translation of this sentence gives the impression that there were a series of prizes that were being given out, and the sisters happened to get the first one. Is that what the Portuguese is saying, or is it more like "My sisters won first place"?


First option... there were many prizes and they got the best one!


Then this should be 'first prize' (the best) not 'the first prize' (first in a sequence)


I think it is worth highlighting the difference between the portuguese language perspective and the english language one. In english, we would not include the word "the" — it would just be "my sisters won first prize" — meaning, they took top honors. including "the" turns it into a comment about the sequence of the prizes — often they are actually given in reverse order, culminating in the top honor... so "won the first prize" almost has the reverse connotation.

In portuguese language, if Paulenrique's response (and the question's rejection of "my sisters won first prize") is correct, the two are intimately bound together. The fact that it is sequentially first apparently means that it is also top honors.


You're right. Both should be accepted. I also think that omitting "the" sounds better.


Why not "have earned"?


Parece não estar aceitando o Present Perfect


Is this the same as "my sisters won first place"?

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