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Ideas for an After School Group

Hi friends,

Background: I'm in an international school in Hong Kong. We're a dual language Chinese and English school so kids are very proficient in both languages (their English is stronger). I've studied Cantonese and Putonghua for years ( and still continue to study of course!) but I've recently become addicted to learning Dutch on Duolingo and am having a great time.

Help: I have to decided to run a Duolingo Club for after school which will meet one day a week for an hour. The kids in the club are in primary and middle school and are between 10 and 13 years of age. For the first session a Danish colleague is going to come in and talk about Denmark, show slides and read a short version of The Little Match Girl in Danish and then we'll Duo for a half an hour (Danish or any lanuage that the kids are interested in). For the second session, a French parent is coming in and I thought we'd practice counting in French and play Simon Says and then Duo for a half an hour. For the third session....You get the idea.

What I would like are suggestions for activities/ language games that I could get native speakers to play with kids for a half an hour before we practice our languages. Speakers of the Duo languages are in the community (sadly, I don't think there are any Turkish families) and I'm hoping some of you clever language teachers will have ideas for activities/games.

謝謝!Bedankt! Thank you.

April 13, 2015



Try this site: babadum.com, it has really fun games to help you learn vocabulary in many languages, we use it in our language group and it's very helpful. Good luck with the club!


Thanks for the good wishes. The site looks interesting but I'm actually, just to be clear, looking for activities that aren't computer-based.


(I'm not an educator but I saw your post on my activity stream so I hope you don't mind me suggesting a few things.) The first thing that popped up in my mind: memory games. (flash)cards with pictures and text on them for example. I also like songs in the target language. Maybe some (easy) songs to listen to or sing?

Oh, cooking together is also nice! It doesn't have to be anything complicated. For example: study food related vocabulary on Duolingo and then make a fruit salad together?

These are the kind of activities I enjoyed the most when taking language classes because these will become nice memories xD. And it'll make the vocabulary stick more easily.


Bedankt, nikicchi. I'm looking forward to doing the group. Yes, Lotto is on my list. We have a couple Dutch and Belgian families at school. For the Dutch session, I'm thinking of Dieren Bingo (after my friend and his daughter do a Netherland/Belgium slideshow) and we do a little ORANGE for King's Day. Music is definitely good. Cooking is always great but time might be a problem- we only have an hour. Belgian chocolate will definitely be the bingo prize. Hope you are celebrating the cherry blossoms- De lente komt eraan (cw). 春天來了!Groetjes, Jeff


Dieren bingo sounds fun :). Hmm, making a fruit stick shouldn't take that long :). Belgische chocolade, nice! Haha. Godiva? Guylian? might be a bit too expensive xD.

Wish I could celebrate cherry blossom viewing here but it's not the same if you're not in Japan xD. Around this time last year, I was in Japan so I do miss my friends a little more than usual now. Will go later this year though.

Ja, ik voel de lente al. Het is zo'n goed weer vandaag. Ik heb er volledig van genoten.

I hope you'll have fun with the group! It seems like you are going to since you have some fun activities planned already :).


twenty questions boy / girl/ tall/ short / age what fun. i want to join!


The fun never stops at Chinese International School!

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