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  5. "De spiser ost og frugt."

"De spiser ost og frugt."

Translation:They are eating cheese and fruit.

April 13, 2015



Is there anyone else who has difficulty hearing the difference between "de" and "vi" in speech?


It should not be wrong to write they eat cheese and fruit instead of they are eating cheese and fruit.


frugt + ost = frukost

Fruit and cheese makes a good lunch.


What is wrong with "they are eating a cheese and a fruit"?


Nowhere in the sentence does it state there is only a single cheese and a single fruit


It doesn't specify. If it were "en ost og en frugt" then it would be "a cheese and a fruit." Had it said "osten og frugten" it would be "the cheese and the fruit." As it stands it is a general statement the the man eats cheese and fruit.


It's weird in English? Both cheese and fruit tend to be generally given as plurals in English except in very specific situations. More usually a piece of fruit or a piece of cheese if singular.


Why is “You eat cheese and fruit.” wrong?


Listening again I can just hear its De, but I immediately heard Vi the first time... Too late

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