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write " Cos'è "

Hi everybody,

In Italian excercises, I don't manage to type " Cos'è " with my IPhone keyboard. I begin by " Cos " and when I choose " ' ", instead of " Cos' ", the result is " Coś ". Moreover the accuracy of my IPhone doesn't allow to write " Cos ' " and then delete the space not wanted.

How you can see, I have a REAL problem !!!!! Thanks for your attention :-D

Regards, Armagnak

September 11, 2013



I have the same problem in English lessons when I try to type " don't ", the result is " doṇ́t ". Until now I typed " do not " and I will continue.


Throw away the iPhone and buy a better phone ;) [Joke]

But if you type it in another application, or in a message, on your iPhone does it make the same thing?


I have found the solution (without throwing away my precious :-). If I use the quote of the " #+= keyboard " instead of the quote of the " abc keyboard", I have no problem.

Other solution is to add another keyboard than my French keyboard. and, then, then you can switch easily. I don't have found other way than add German keyboard in order to type " ß ".

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